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CCM Totem-Pole PFC Analog Controller with Advanced Controls

Source:Inventchip Release time:2022/01/20Number of hits:1210

    Inventchip Technology Co., Ltd. (IVCT) announced that it started shipping CCM totem-pole PFC analog controller IC IVCC1102 engineering samples and will release the product to the market in Q1 2022. The controller is the industry’s first CCM totem-pole PFC analog IC in a 16-pin package with full control functions. The IVCC1102 embeds several advanced controls, including: 1) the boost inductor current reversing prevention at Vac drop by using duty cycle feedforward control,  2) AC current crossover current spike elimination by softly ramping up the PWM duty cycle at a higher switching frequency during the AC crossover region, 3) Enhancement of AC voltage surge and lightning strike protection, and 4) the combination of second harmonic rejection control and voltage loop non-linear control to achieve low THD and excellent step load response. Other features include AC-line-based light load burst control, output voltage sensing line opening protection, relay control, and hall sensor and resistor current sensing automatic detection, programmable deadtime, etc. The IVCC1102 helps engineers solve critical design challenges and reduce development time and cost in many high density and high efficiency applications, such as in the server, telecom, TV and power module markets. The IVCC1102 is available with SOIC-16L and 4x4mm QFN-20L packages. 2.5kW reference design boards are also available for evaluation tests.