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36V 10A 3.75kVrms Isolated Single Channel Gate Driver

Source:Inventchip Release time:2022/01/20Number of hits:863

    Inventchip Technology Co., Ltd. (IVCT) today announced that it started shipping 3.75kVrms isolated single channel Gate driver IC IVCO1A01D engineering samples and will release the product to the market in Q1 2022. IVCO1A01D is a 36V 10A driver. The output side VCC2 UVLO is below 10V, which makes it capable of effectively and safely driving SiC/Si MOSFETs and Si IGBTs. The 10A output peak current makes it easy to use in high power applications. It has split outputs, OUTH and OUTL, so that pull-up and pull-down current can be adjusted independently to optimize EMI and switching loss. The low propagation delay and high common-mode transient rejection (CMTI) enables MOSFETs to reliably switch at hundreds of kHz with high dv/dt. It is in an 8-pin SOIC package with 3.75kVrms isolation. The IVCO1A01D helps engineers solve critical design challenges and reduce development time and cost in many high density and high efficiency applications, such as in the server and telecom markets.