Talent Concept

InventChip values your talent and potential. You have chance to work with world-class top engineers.

Permanent Openings for Top Talents

We are searching for top talents all the time. If you believe you are one of them on the following areas: Semiconductor Power device/IC design, Power Electronics Applications, Fab operation, customer relationship, sales/marketing.


电子工程师Location:上海Salary:13KView details
  • Job requirements:

    1. 与资深器件工程师合作开发EVM和参考设计;
    2. 为客户提供应用技术支持,且能出差提供现场支持;
    3. 搜集现场应用中的问题和新的设计机会。

  • Post requirements:

    1. 扎实掌握电路与功率转换拓扑;
    2. 熟悉功率半导体器件原理;
    3. 出色的实验动手能力与问题解决能力;
    4. 能运用电路原理图和PCB 布图工具;
    5. 具备MCU/DSP编程经验;
    6. 至少为本科及以上学历;
    7. 工作勤勉、诚实守信、身体健康。