Inventchip Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr: IVCT) provides one-stop "power conversion" solutions for SiC applications, including SiC power devices, gate drivers, controller ICs, and SiC power modules. SiC applications cover all aspects of electric power including generation, storage, transmission, distribution, and utilization.It has been widely implemented in various fields such as electric vehicles, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage converters, charging piles, and industrial power supplies.

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• Inventchip Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr: IVCT) is a leading provider of SiC power semiconductor and IC solutions in China. It was founded in July 2017 and is head-quartered in Shanghai.
• IVCT has been dedicated to developing SiC power devices, power modules, gate-drivers and controller ICs. It provides customers with one-stop chip solutions focusing on SiC power semiconductor applications.
• IVCT pioneered SiC MOSFET technology on 6-in wafers in China. With an automotive-grade SiC wafer Fab, IVCT commits on-time and high-quality delivery of SiC products to customers and pursues continuous technology innovations.

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